Data Center Outage: Disaster Prevention

Data center outages are considered disastrous because they can result in large-scale equipment damage and data loss to your organization. These losses can be finanacially caclulated with our Downtime Calculator.

Based on a recent National Data Center Outage Report, over 95% of data centers experienced at least one unplanned downtime event in the past 24 months. To prevent unplanned downtime, managers need to be aware of the root causes of data center outages.

Common Root Causes of Data Center Outages

  • UPS Failure
  • UPS Capacity Exceeded
  • Accidental Emergency Power Off (EPO) or Other Human Error

These research findings suggest unplanned data center outages present a difficult and costly challenge for organizations. In general, failed equipment, data center mishaps and insufficient resources compound the frequency and duration of downtime. Several steps can be taken to minimize data center outages.

Don’t be a victim of unplanned downtime; contact DP Air today to find out what you can do to prevent a data center outage.

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